The Role of Family in Recovery:

Supporting Your Son or Daughter During and After Treatment

Family members navigating the landscape of a loved one’s addiction or mental health disorder often experience a wide range of emotions – from fear and confusion to guilt. It’s crucial to recognize the important role you play in your son or daughter’s recovery. Here at Legacy Treatment Center and Juniper Canyon Treatment Center, we’re committed to equipping you with the necessary tools to effectively support your son or daughter during and after their journey with us.

During Treatment:

Comprehending the Recovery Trajectory: Addiction and mental health disorders are multifaceted and influenced by numerous factors, from genetics to environmental triggers. Recovery isn’t a straight path; it involves peaks and valleys. Developing a comprehensive understanding of this complex journey will empower you to provide your son or daughter with the appropriate support, setting realistic expectations, and understanding the variability of the recovery process.

Participating in Family Educational Programs: At Legacy and Juniper Canyon, we offer weekly video sessions for families. These sessions provide a platform for families to gain a deeper understanding of their loved one’s condition, learn effective communication techniques, and acquire skills that aid the recovery process. The weekly webinars also act as a support group for parents and family members to ask questions and hear how other parents have grown in this process of supporting recovery. It is nice to know that you are not alone in this difficult journey. Your active participation will be invaluable in supporting your son or daughter’s recovery journey.

Maintaining Open Communication: Open dialogue with your son or daughter and their treatment team is key. Legacy provides a family portal where you can exchange letters – a channel that can help you stay abreast of their progress and any potential challenges. These letters need not focus solely on treatment; often, regular life updates and sharing can be profoundly healing.  Additionally, the portal provides pictures of your young adult doing the program. You can visually seed the changes as they progress in this process.

Prioritizing Self-Care: Supporting your son or daughter also involves taking care of your own physical and mental health. Balanced nutrition, adequate sleep, regular exercise, and emotional support are all critical to maintaining your wellbeing, allowing you to provide effective support to your young adult.

After Treatment:

Facilitating a Supportive Environment: Upon leaving Legacy or Juniper Canyon, your son or daughter will be transitioning into a new life phase. We aim to collaborate with you during the treatment process to help establish an environment conducive to recovery post-discharge. Every individual is unique, and the post-treatment environment will vary – the idea is to do our utmost to set your young adult up for success.

Promoting Healthy Lifestyles: Encouraging your son or daughter to continue practicing healthy habits they learned at Legacy – like regular exercise, balanced eating, mindfulness, and a consistent sleep schedule – can significantly enhance their post-treatment recovery.

Supporting Continued Therapy: Post-treatment therapy, be it individual or group therapy, or even 12-step meetings, is pivotal in maintaining recovery. Respect your son or daughter’s therapeutic commitments and encourage adherence to their post-treatment plan.

Exhibiting Patience: Recovery demands patience. Setbacks might occur, but staying supportive and positive is vital. Celebrate progress, no matter how small, and remind your son or daughter that you’re proud of their courage in taking steps towards recovery.

We understand the critical role families play in recovery at Legacy and Juniper Canyon. We’re committed to supporting you in supporting your son or daughter, fostering an environment where they can thrive. Together, we can navigate this journey towards a healthier, more fulfilling life for your young adult.