Attachment & Family Work

Family provides the support for lasting treatment success, including long term sobriety and mental wellness.  Studies show that family involvement greatly increases the effectiveness and sustainability of treatment.

Using an attachment theory framework, we teach and practice fundamental communication and conflict resolution skills. This helps to move the family toward higher levels of functioning and harmonious, mutually respectful relationships. Our approach provides both the support and accountability necessary for lasting recovery.

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Family Curriculum

The Legacy Family Program Curriculum includes:

  • Weekly Therapeutic updates for the family 
  • Regular family therapy sessions by video conferencing 
  • In-person family workshops
  • Weekly virtual live parent support groups led by our clinicians 
  • Full library of pre-recorded parent psychoeducational webinars

Family Workshops and Ongoing Education

Family members and their loved one typically take part in an on-site Family Workshop after the client has participated in the program for about eight weeks. There is no extra cost for the workshop, and families often find it a pivotal and powerful point of their program. It allows for in-person family therapy, psycho-education, and relationship building.

In addition to the Family Workshop, there are also ongoing educational opportunities for families with a loved one at Legacy Treatment Center. Each week we offer live psychoeducational webinars about family functioning, relationships, mental health issues, and substance abuse. Each week’s webinar focuses on a different topic and is designed to increase knowledge and encourage application of the principles/techniques to individual situations.

Family Portal

In addition to therapeutic updates from our clinical staff, communication is done through a secure and private Family Portal. The portal allows families and clients at Legacy Treatment Center to communicate with one another via letter, and also gives families the ability to follow along with photos and blog posts about the daily life at our program. Once a client enrolls, login information and instructions are provided to approved family members.