Holistic Healing

We designed Legacy Treatment Center to treat the whole person.  The Legacy curriculum supports the stages of change through the healing of the intellect, physical, social, emotional, and spiritual self. By focusing on each individual area of healing, we help clients identify the core values they wish to live by. At Legacy, we both teach and role model five core values: 

  • Living With a Heart at Peace
  • Honorable Adulthood
  • Recovery As a way of Being
  • Healthy Relationships
  • Self-Awareness and Mindful Living 

We emphasize the importance of holistic healing through:

  • Mindful living 
  • Meditation & Yoga
  • Balancing physical activity with rest days 
  • Healthy meals and education around fueling your body as well as intuitive eating 
  • Emphasis on personal hygiene
  • Maintaining a healthy sleep schedule
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Holistic healing can be encapsulated into three properties:  The whole person, natural elements, and personal empowerment.  It is the perspective that our health and wellness are a function of all the aspects that we are – and how we interact with our environment.  Thus, we are the result of our choices and actions throughout every day.

Legacy’s holistic treatment approach is unique in that we use the power of the outdoors along with personal growth to empower young men to become the person they want to become. With the natural connection to our environment strained, we believe in giving our clients the skills they need to bring more balance into their lives.​

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