Adventure allows clients to experience perceived risk within a safe container. This helps them develop the distress tolerance and emotional regulation vital not only to relapse prevention, but also to overcoming mental health challenges and enhancing personal growth. Our guides are highly trained and certified to lead all adventure activities utilizing American Mountain Guide Association (AMGA) Best Practices and the Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare (OBH) Accreditation Standards. Additionally, Legacy and Juniper Canyon have an in-house certification process, which requires guides to demonstrate proficiency in all outdoor activities.

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Legacy Treatment Center and Juniper Canyon Treatment Center are safer than being at home for the average young person.

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Parents and families often wonder if the Adventure Therapy & Nature-based Therapeutic activities facilitated at Juniper Canyon are safe, thanks to our decade of research and participation in ongoing Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare we have a data-driven answer to the question. Legacy Treatment Center and Juniper Canyon Treatment Center are very safe, meeting and exceeding industry standards. Based on the industry data the average client is more than two times more likely to go to the emergency room at home than in our program. To put that in perspective the activities we engage in at our programs are not just safer than playing football, or basketball, or tennis– they are safer than just staying at home.

In addition to the stringent incident monitoring and reporting required of OBH Council programs by the licensing and accrediting bodies, we participate in industry-level data reporting of all injuries. This data is analyzed annually to identify ways in which we and other leading OBH Council programs can continue to ensure safety and enhance treatment effectiveness.

For more information about the data we collect, you can go to the OBH Council Risk Management database which has monitored safety standards since 2001. This is the longest operating multi-program database in the fields of behavioral healthcare or adventure programming.