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Dr. Maddy Liebing: Pioneering Compassionate Wilderness Therapy and Advocating for Mental Health on “Stories From the Field” Podcast

In the world of wilderness therapy, one name shines brightly as a beacon of compassion, safety, and integrity: Dr. Maddy Liebing, the Clinical Director at ...
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A word from our Director

In this difficult time for our field, we’re issuing a brief statement addressing the current state of our programs. We are healthy and thriving, with ...
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A Key Element of Change, Recovery, & Healing…

When I was 45 years old and had given birth to 5 children (the last two were twins), I decided to run a marathon. That ...
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Therapeutic Wooden Spoon Carving in Utah’s Desert | Legacy Treatment

Discover the art of spoon carving with Legacy Treatment—melding craft, nature, and therapy in Utah's serene desert landscape for profound personal growth.
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A Heartfelt Tale of Healing:

“Keep Coming Back” – A Film Redefining Addiction Recovery In a world saturated with stories about addiction and recovery, there is one perspective that has ...
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From Rock Bottom to Columbia: My Journey of Recovery

In early March of 2020, life really wasn’t going my way. I had just dropped out of highschool, totaled my car and was working off ...
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Wilderness Therapy vs. Residential Treatment Center: Unveiling the Therapeutic Excellence at Legacy Treatment Center

Navigating the therapeutic landscape can be challenging, especially when seeking the right intervention for oneself or a loved one. Two therapeutic modalities, Wilderness Therapy and ...
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Red Rocks

Escape the Heat: Ultimate Summer Haven at Legacy Treatment Center

Amid the summer’s grip and the recent heat waves sweeping the nation, one question is common for many clients: Where can we find respite from ...
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Nick Nasca – Taking What I Learned at Legacy Outdoor Adventures Into the Peruvian Andes

Part 2 It wasn’t long into my stay at Legacy before I experienced my first breakthrough. It was maybe my 10th or 11th day when ...
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The Role of Family in Recovery:

Supporting Your Son or Daughter During and After Treatment Family members navigating the landscape of a loved one’s addiction or mental health disorder often experience ...
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Empowering Consumers and Demanding Accountability in Behavioral Healthcare

In today’s America, the field of Behavioral Healthcare faces a critical challenge: the absence of an easy and standardized method for measuring and monitoring client/patient ...
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The Future of Behavioral Healthcare: Aligning Values with Patients

Behavioral healthcare is a rapidly evolving field, facing unique challenges in its efforts to meet increasing demand and deliver effective, patient-centered care. This blog addresses ...
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