We had a blast in NYC!

On October 14th, Legacy Treatment Center and Juniper Canyon Treatment Center brought Adventure and healing to New York City with an #offthecouchtherapy, #RXoffthecouch, Cityscape Adventure! 

The afternoon kicked off as it has in the past at Manhattan Kayak Company. It was truly another year of meaning, fun, and stories on the Hudson! Reflecting on this adventure, participants shared and internalized the following:

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legacy outdoor adventures nyc4

1. Small positive changes in paddle techniqueor any day-to-day behavior— brings greater efficiency and has the potential to create significant long-term benefits. 

 2. Looking at the city– or our life— from a distance puts into perspective just how much good happens each day, and how important it is to pause to honor this truth.

 3. Paddling against the currentor resisting/suppressing our thoughts and emotions— creates significant discomfort and illuminates the inherent need for a team effort and the willingness to ask for help. 

4. When we flow with the currentor we allow our experience to be just as it is— we move about our day with a heart at peace and a feeling of unconditional connection! 

For more information about the Cityscape Adventure Series in NYC, contact Daniel Rogers, M.A, LMHC, CRC. (Daniel@ 

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Global research is discovering that incorporating nature connectedness into treatment practices offers powerful results for clients and practitioners and it might be easier than you think, even in the big city.