Russell’s Story

At Legacy, we value mentorship. As one of our guiding principles, the power of mentorship is an important addition to all of the clinical work that each client does as a part of their treatment. Research shows that relationships are one of the most powerful agents of change. We believe in the power of mentoring, and in addition to ongoing individual therapy, we assign mentors from our guide team to every client. For young people to gain a desire to make the transition to adulthood they must see the benefits of that decision. Each client works closely with competent, caring mentors who have made the successful transition to responsible adulthood. Our mentors work closely with the clinical team and have the training and experience to help our clients navigate their treatment journey.

Many of our mentors (“guides”) have inspiring stories of recovery, strength and resilience that our clients find both relatable and aspirational. In the following video, one of our lead mentors, Field Specialist Russell Monteleone, shares his story of overcoming grief, trauma, and addiction, and how the outdoors remains pivotal in his recovery.