Legacy’s #CityscapeAdventures Series Heads Across The Pond!

By Daniel Rogers

Legacy Treatment Center and Cityscape Therapy traveled to London in November to attend an annual conference hosted by Lee FitzGerald. 

After two intensive education-filled days with wisdom from around the globe, participants took part in a much-needed nature-connected debrief. Waking up to a fortunately dry and mild day in London, we met at a coffee shop near Hyde Park, one of eight Royal Parks in London that contains wetlands, gardens, ancient trees, and historic areas. Participants discussed individual and group intentions for the adventure and took off through the gates that lead the way into the park. The collective goal was to explore and identify one tree that brought meaning to participants and then to give that tree a big hug. 

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As we navigated the park, participants processed learned messages from the conference, got to know one another better, and interacted with nature. Individuals commented on how well-manicured the park was

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as well as how old and beautiful the trees and foliage appeared, a constant reminder of how nature is never far – no matter where you find yourself – and how important it remains to seek out the time to look for it. Thanks to all who attended as we continue our mission of educating and connecting communities both in and out of cities with nature. 
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