Does Having a Therapeutic Consultant Have an Impact on Client Outcomes?

Does Having a Therapeutic Consultant Have an Impact on Client Outcomes?   

We ran the numbers– let’s see what we found out

At Legacy Treatment Center, we understand the importance of finding the right educational and therapeutic programs for the families and clients we serve. That’s why we were curious to see if having a * therapeutic consultant or an ** educational consultant had an impact on client outcomes. After analyzing our data, we found that while there was no significant difference in outcomes at intake and discharge between clients who had a therapeutic consultant and those who did not, there was a significant impact on long-term outcomes. .

At one-year post-graduation, clients who had a therapeutic consultant performed clinically better than those who did not– which makes perfect sense. Therapeutic consultants specialize in long-term results and work with families to put plans in place to achieve positive outcomes for their clients. It’s not surprising that having someone on your team who is experienced and knowledgeable in strategizing about the best possible long-term plan for recovery is very effective.

That’s why Legacy Treatment Center is proud to support the Therapeutic Consulting Association (TCA), an association of professionals who provide therapeutic consulting services to families and clients in need. TCA members are dedicated to helping families and clients find the right educational and therapeutic programs to meet their needs, and achieve the kind of long-term results that our families are hoping for.

We’ve worked with many clients and families who have hired a TCA-member consultant, and one of the reasons we support TCA is because of their specialized experience working as specifically therapeutic consultants. These consultants are experts in their field, with a deep understanding of the many different educational and therapeutic options available, specifically with an emphasis on therapeutic programs and professionals. They understand clinical language, the change process, modalities, and how client profiles differ. They use this expertise to work closely with families and clients to understand their unique needs and to find the right program to meet those needs.

For example, TCA consultants can help families and clients find licensed Residential Treatment Programs like Legacy, which blends RTC with Adventure Therapy. Therapeutic consultants then work closely with a team like ours, as well as the client and family, to co-create the best long-term plan. TCA consultants work in collaboration with the family, the client, and the program treatment team to not only help support and inform the therapeutic process while in treatment, but also to plan ahead and make sure that the client is successful after completion of the program. Our clients often go on to study abroad programs, sober living, college, or back home. 

In addition to finding the right program, TCA consultants can help families and clients navigate the often-complex process of enrolling in educational and therapeutic programs. They help with the application process, provide information about financial aid and other funding options, and assist with transportation and other logistical issues. 

Legacy Treatment Center is dedicated to providing the best service to families and clients we work with, and advising families to work with a TCA-member consultant is a huge step in that direction. Because of the Therapeutic Consulting Association’s expertise, programs like Legacy can rest assured that clients and families have the best possible guidance when navigating treatment, as well as significantly better long-term outcomes. 

* What is a Therapeutic Consultant? 

A therapeutic consultant is a professional who provides guidance and support to individuals or families dealing with mental health or behavioral issues. 

** What is an Educational Consultant? 

An educational consultant is a professional who advises students and families on educational opportunities, such as selecting the right school or program. 

Author: Derek Daley is a co-founder of Legacy Treatment Center and Juniper Canyon Treatment Center for Women, with decades of experience in the outdoor behavioral healthcare industry. He is currently serving on the board of The National Association of Therapeutic Programs and the Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare Council. Derek received the 2017 Utah Community Service award for his nonprofit work, and is a passionate advocate for wilderness therapy, presenting nationally at universities and conferences to raise awareness about how nature experiences can change lives. On the weekends, Derek enjoys adventuring with his family in Utah and around the globe.