Corinne Jensen


Corinne has spent her whole life in Wayne County, Utah where Legacy Treatment Center is located. She was raised hiking, cattle driving, horseback riding, and exploring the mountains and deserts of southwestern Utah. Corinne and her husband raised their three children in the same landscape that she grew to know and love as a child. Corinne worked for 15 years at Aspen Achievement Academy, a Wilderness Therapy program, as Logistic and Emergency Support for the field staff and clients of the program. She also served as reserve officer to Wayne County Sheriff’s Department for 8 years. She returned to Wilderness Therapy in 2016 and for the last several years she has held the position of Office Assistant, and Research Director at Legacy Outdoor Adventures and Juniper Canyon Recovery Center.

Corinne’s strengths are recognizing and de-escalating high risk situations, active listening, empathy, assertiveness, time management and emergency response. She has a natural respect and knowledge for the ways of the land and a thorough knowledge of survival in the surrounding wilderness.

Her passions in life include serving her community, actively seeking health and wellness for those around her who need care and support, and loving and nurturing her children and grandchildren. Corinne spends her spare time in the same landscape that she grew to love as a child and mother, which now serves as the healing grounds for Legacy and Juniper Canyon.