A word from our Director

In this difficult time for our field, we’re issuing a brief statement addressing the current state of our programs. We are healthy and thriving, with full intentions to continue delivering quality care and effective treatment to our young adult clients well into the future.

We developed our integrated program model over a decade ago. It is based on significant weekly time at our licensed residential treatment center, which provides a consistent setting for our intensive and extensive clinical foundation. The treatment experience is enhanced by weekly immersion in the healing power of nature, complemented by intentional weekly therapeutic adventures.

The primary benefit derived from this model is the synergy between program components, with each enhancing the effectiveness of the others in producing impressive outcomes for our clients, as substantiated by our extensive long-term outcome data. (See our website for research references.)

A second benefit is that spending weekly time at a residential treatment center qualifies us to have the state licensure required to proactively bill insurance, which we do on behalf of a big percentage of the families we serve. We are also accredited by the Joint Commission. We have an in-house full-service insurance team that handles verification of benefits, authorizations, utilization reviews, billing and appeals, and serves as an advocate for our families.

We are a relatively small program with no intentions of getting big, which allows us to cultivate mutually supportive trust-based relationships with all other team members, and to provide an exceptionally high level of individualized attention to each of our clients.

We believe that the effectiveness of the treatment we provide and the key to our overall success and sustainability derives from a strong unified team culture. Our enduring culture is built on a core ideology and set of practices centered around a ‘way of being’ that sees people as people, recognizes the inherent potential in each of our clients, and treats them with dignity and respect.

We are an independent, owner-operated organization with no outside investors. All management and financial decisions are made by people who are actively involved in the day-to-day operation of the programs.

Our strategy for thriving during this challenging time is simply to stay the course with what is working well for us and continue to deliver on our mission: To provide the most effective treatment by maintaining the most engaged team of treatment professionals.

Gil Hallows Executive Director
Gil Hallows, Executive Director
Legacy Treatment Center
Juniper Canyon Recovery Center for Women