Trey Herlitz Ferguson

Regional Outreach Coordinator 

Certified Life/Recovery Coach through Life Purpose Institute (ICF Accredited) 

Trey grew up in Westchester, NY where as a child you would only ever find him outside playing sports, exploring nature, and falling off of something high. For the majority of his adolescent years Trey was a serious hockey player who pursued his dreams of playing hockey at the highest level. When hockey didn’t pan out for Trey due to injury, his loss of identity led him on a path that brought him to Legacy as a client, and launched him into a purpose driven career in the recovery industry. 

After  attending Legacy for Wilderness Therapy followed by an aftercare program in Ogden, UT, Trey was able to grab hold of his life, and found a true passion for mentoring and working with others. After completing his treatment, Trey chose to stay in Utah and managed  a group home where he got his first taste of being a leader/mentor. It was during this time that Trey realized the power he had by allowing his vulnerability and personal experience to pave the way. He found power in his struggle. 

Trey now lives in Southern California and is an Aftercare Recovery Coach for his own program. Trey combines his passion and love for the outdoors, staying active and healthy living with his work guiding adolescent and young adult males through the process of recovery.

Trey was brought onto the Legacy and Juniper Canyon team to support and consult with the Business Development Team and serve as an Outreach Coordinator and Cityscape Adventure Facilitator/ Representative in Southern California.