Russell Monteleone


Assistant Field Director

Russell was born in downtown Reno, Nevada, and has spent his life exploring the surrounding mountains and desert of Nevada and California while hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, climbing, and skiing.  While growing up, he and his brother traveled with their parents chasing gold ore (Dad) and rock art (Mom), and developed a strong affinity and love for the environment.  He played guitar and dabbled in photography as a teenager, and got into a “fair bit of trouble”. Russell went on to earn a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from The University of Nevada and worked as an Aerospace and Automotive Engineer around Carson City.  

In 2016, recently sober and looking for a change, Russell left the Defense industry and traveled through Utah- seeking adventure. What he stumbled upon was the Legacy course area. 

Russell fundamentally believes that the outdoors, along with working the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous, drastically improved his quality of life.  He has spent the last ten years helping folks achieve a meaningful life through rigorous honesty and sobriety while learning the skills of mountaineering and backcountry travel. Russell has spent almost 500 days and nights in the field with Legacy Treatment Center and Juniper Canyon Treatment Center.  His experience allows him to work as a jack-of-all-trades- and even “master” of some- as a Field Specialist at Legacy and Juniper Canyon. He enjoys mentoring both staff and clients as together they explore the wilderness of Utah and tackle the art of dealing with life on life’s terms.        

Russell is working towards his Single Pitch Instructor climbing certification through the American Mountain Guide Association. He has also received Wilderness First Responder and American Institute for Avalanche Research and Education Level 1 certification. Outside of work you will probably find Russell driving to climb or ski with friends while his cat sleeps on the dashboard.