Nate Hallows

Logistics & Culinary Manager

Nate grew up in the Midwest before finding his way to Utah. After graduating high school, Nate attended Southern Utah University. Shortly after finishing school, he began working as a wildland firefighter, eventually landing a job with a crew where he spent 8 years traveling the country working to suppress fires. After coming to terms with personal substance and mental health issues, he decided to attend Legacy Treatment Center in hopes of finding clarity and health. This began his journey in discovering himself and his calling to work in mental health and recovery treatment. 

After completing Legacy, Nate’s journey continued to Portland, Maine, where he focused on his recovery, eventually coming back to Legacy to work as a field guide for three years. The opportunity to move to Puerto Rico to work at an aftercare program came about, and he spent four years living in Puerto Rico, creating and sustaining a residential program. There he met his wife and began a family. With new, upper management experience, and a desire to get back to Legacy, Nate moved his family back to Utah where he took on a role as the Logistics Coordinator. In his role he oversees operations of Legacy and Juniper Canyon and manages the culinary program. 

In his free time Nate enjoys skiing, being with his family, and traveling. He is passionate about animals and cooking, and always loves to talk about sports! Nate has been truly blessed with a healthy lifestyle, a beautiful family, and a drive to be of service. He attributes a lot of his overall well-being to his experience as a client at Legacy Treatment Center in 2011.