Legacy Treatment Center Hires Insurance Director

Legacy Treatment Center (Legacy Outdoor Adventures for Men & Juniper Canyon Recovery Center for Women), have hired a full-time, in-house Insurance Director. Sandi Adams will advocate on behalf of clients and their families to make sure they receive the insurance coverage they are due under their policies for mental health and/or addiction treatment.

Legacy Treatment Center was founded with one of the singular missions of expanding access to what is known to be an incredibly effective form of treatment: evidence-based clinical work done in conjunction with wilderness and adventure therapy. Rather than simply creating what is commonly called a “superbill” for families to receive insurance reimbursement post-treatment (as has been the industry standard for quite some time), we at Legacy Treatment Center went above and beyond to help families use their insurance policies on the front-end of treatment, and greatly diminish costs. By acquiring the expertise and licensure to pre-authorize and bill insurance, Legacy Outdoor Adventures for Men and Juniper Canyon Recovery Center for Women have already taken the unprecedented leap towards this goal and have helped numerous families of patients receive more affordable treatment. This is something we are incredibly proud of.

Hiring Sandi to bring this process fully in-house takes this mission one step further: “By hiring and in-house Insurance Director who is as experienced and as engaged as Sandi, we are directly supporting our mission; to provide the most effective treatment by creating the most engaged team of professionals in the field, “ says our Executive Director and co-founder Gil Hallows.

Adams is coming into her new role with vast experience in the field. She has had over 20 years working in healthcare administration and medical billing. During the past 6 years, her focus has been solely in the field of mental health and substance abuse therapy. In addition to her passion for her work, Sandi is also a Utah native who believes in the power of getting outdoors. Adventure is a large part of her personal life- and now it’s a component of her professional life too!

“The reason I chose to join the team at Legacy is because I have reached a point in my career where I want to dedicate my time to helping advance the field. After a yearlong process of looking at the Legacy Treatment Centers programs, it became clear to me that they are on the cutting edge of providing the most effective evidenced based treatment in the country. Like the Legacy founders I am passionate about combining the clinical benefits of Licensed Residential Treatment with the healing powers of nature, and I could not be more pleased to be joining the team at Legacy to continue to pave the way forward for the families we serve.”

There is still a long road ahead before this type of hybrid model of treatment is universally recognized by insurance providers for the effectiveness it delivers.

“By hiring Sandi to serve in this role for Legacy Treatment Center, we have provided the families who attend our programs in house advocacy and priority. In practical terms, this is resulting in increased services to family members, increased assistance and consultation, and most importantly increased financial coverage for treatment services. The fact that we are licensed not only as a Residential Treatment Center, but also as an Accredited Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare Program is simply a game changer,” says Derek Daley, who, alongside Gil Hallows founded Legacy Treatment Center.

The fact is health insurance plans WILL cover treatment for addiction and mental health disorders, although the energy and expertise required to get this accomplished sometimes requires too much from a family in crisis. With the passage of the Affordable Care Act, more Americans right now do have access to treatment Legacy Treatment Center is proud to be paving the way as one of the first Accredited Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare programs to receive the credentials and hire the professionals needed to effectively pre-authorize and bill insurance on behalf of the families they work with.

We are here, we are paving new ground, and we are not slowing down. If you or someone you know needs help, we have a team of professionals who are ready to support.

Legacy Treatment Center is located in Loa, UT and made up of two, gender-specific programs. Legacy Outdoor Adventures for Men is an adventure therapy program for young men ages 18 and up. Juniper Canyon Recovery Center for Women is the premier wilderness recovery program for young adult women 18 and up. Both Legacy programs are licensed as Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare Programs. Additionally, Legacy programs are licensed by the state of Utah as Residential Treatment Centers. They are Joint Commission Accredited, and treat addiction, trauma, depression, anxiety, and dual diagnosis clients.

Sandi Adams and her family. The wilderness and adventure are a large part of who she is, and why she is drawn to the Legacy Treatment Center team and mission.

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