Legacy Takes the Couch Outside at Sundance Film Festival

During the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Legacy Treatment Center and its collaborators embarked on a unique advocacy campaign to champion Wilderness Therapy and Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare (OBH). Derek Daley, Co-Founder of Legacy Treatment Center, and Mike Petree took a symbolic step by literally taking a couch outside and setting it on the streets of the festival. Their aim was to engage with the public and spark a conversation about the best environment for a therapeutic experience: Is it within the confines of four walls or amidst the beauty of nature?


Legacy Treatment Center and its collaborators utilized this unconventional approach during the Sundance Film Festival to educate the public about Wilderness Therapy and Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare. Through conversations, workshops, and engaging displays, they demystified the approach and highlighted the benefits of incorporating adventure, nature, and purpose into the therapeutic journey. By challenging preconceived notions and inviting people to reconsider the traditional office setting, they aimed to inspire curiosity and explore new possibilities for healing and personal growth.

At the heart of their advocacy was the belief that therapy should extend beyond traditional settings. Wilderness Therapy offers a unique opportunity to tap into the transformative power of nature, adventure, and self-discovery. By embracing the wilderness as a therapeutic space, individuals can gain valuable insights, develop resilience, and unlock their inner strength in ways that conventional therapy may not fully capture.

Recognizing the financial barriers that individuals face when seeking specialized care, Legacy Treatment Center and its collaborators actively advocated for insurance coverage for Wilderness Therapy. Their goal was to remove obstacles and ensure that this effective form of treatment becomes accessible to all who need it. By advocating for insurance coverage, they aimed to create a more inclusive and equitable mental health landscape, where individuals have equal opportunities to access quality care.

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Under the hashtags #WildernessTherapy, #AdventureTherapy, and #Rxoffthecouch, Legacy Treatment Center and its collaborators launched a movement for change at the Sundance Film Festival. Their advocacy shed light on the transformative potential of Wilderness Therapy and encouraged others to question what the ideal environment for therapy looks like. By raising awareness and fostering dialogue, they ignited a conversation about the importance of integrating nature and adventure into mental health and addiction treatment.

Through their innovative collaboration at the Sundance Film Festival, Legacy Treatment Center and its colleagues brought the transformative power of Wilderness Therapy to the forefront. By taking a couch outside and engaging with the public, they challenged the traditional therapy setting and invited contemplation about the best environment for healing. Their collective efforts aim to create a future where therapy extends beyond conventional boundaries and embraces the healing potential of the wilderness. By making Wilderness Therapy more accessible to all, they empower individuals to find healing, purpose, and adventure on their recovery journey. Together, they are building a legacy of transformation and redefining the boundaries of therapeutic spaces in the great outdoors.