Legacy Treatment Center Continues To Take Action To Protect Against COVID19

Since the earliest days of the pandemic, Legacy Treatment Center has taken every precaution necessary to ensure the health and safety of all-including clients and their families, staff and their loved ones, and the broader Loa community.

Ongoing COVID Protocols and Safety Measures:

  • Mandatory Vaccinations and Boosters for all Legacy Treatment Center Staff

  • Ongoing testing for both staff and clients

  • Proof of Vaccination is required for all incoming visitors, including professionals and families

  • Quarantine Housing and hazard pay provided to all staff working with incoming clients

  • Staffed Quarantine groups for clients upon admission until they receive negative test results

  • In the case of exposure, masking mandated in indoor spaces

  • Regular cleaning and sanitary measures for all campus facilities including outdoor gear and vehicles

  • Special attention paid to hand washing and sanitizing for clients, staff, and visitors to campus