Interview With Gil Hallows: Making Wilderness Therapy Accessible To More Families

Making Wilderness Therapy Accessible To More Families

INSURANCE What you need to know:  

  • We verify and preauthorize benefits on the front end of treatment.
  • We contact insurance companies directly to verify the policy and coverage for the family. 
  • We work with insurance companies out-of-network. 

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Families can and should receive cost-effective Wilderness Therapy treatment when it’s needed, and that is why we are pleased to inform you that we are licensed by the State of Utah to provide the residential level of care for men and women.

This allows us to serve families who otherwise could not afford this incredibly effective form of treatment.

Gil Hallows
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Joint Commission Accredited  Licensed by the state of Utah as a Residential Treatment Center   Accredited Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare Program   NATSAP Research Designated Program