A Key Element of Change, Recovery, & Healing…

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When I was 45 years old and had given birth to 5 children (the last two were twins), I decided to run a marathon. That is 26.2 miles… I had been running between 5 and 7 miles for years, which one would think would be enough, but something in me wanted to confront a difficult […]

A Heartfelt Tale of Healing:

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“Keep Coming Back” – A Film Redefining Addiction Recovery In a world saturated with stories about addiction and recovery, there is one perspective that has often been overlooked – the viewpoint of the parents and loved ones whose lives are intricately entwined with the battle against addiction. “Keep Coming Back,” a passion project helmed by […]

Sustaining the Momentum: The Importance of Aftercare in Treatment Success

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At Legacy Treatment Center, we understand that the road to recovery extends beyond the initial phase of treatment. Successful outcomes hinge not only on supporting clients through the change process in primary care, including in-depth assessments but also on the essential step of aftercare. This often-overlooked facet of the treatment journey plays a critical role […]

Undefeated Champions at Worlds. Showcasing the Power of Sports in Recovery

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Legacy Treatment Center’s softball team has achieved an extraordinary feat, emerging as undefeated champions at the recent Sober Softball World Championship tournament organized by the CNSA. Their exceptional athletic prowess and unwavering dedication exemplify the transformative power of sports in the recovery journey. Engaging in sports holds profound meaning for individuals in recovery, providing avenues […]

ADD & Identity

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Attention Deficit Disorder & Identity  By Derek Daley  At Legacy Treatment Center, we understand the significant impact that an early diagnosis of Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) can have on the development of one’s identity. Our team of dedicated clinicians has designed a program to help individuals repair “broken identities” stemming from an early ADD diagnosis. […]

A Great Generation… Without a Purpose?

A Great Generation Without a Purpose?  By Derek Daley  The “Greatest Generation of Americans,” born between 1901 and 1927, lived through World War II and the Great Depression, and made enormous social, political, and economic strides as a result. The American Dream was alive and well during this time as individuals worked for a common […]

10 Reasons to go to Legacy

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Top Ten Reasons to go to Legacy  By Derek Daley  This top 10 list presents an overview of some of the key aspects and advantages of Legacy Treatment Center, a facility that is dedicated to providing specialized treatment for mental health disorders through a combination of innovative and scientifically-proven methods. As a fully licensed Residential […]

Treatment Considerations for the Wealthy & Famous

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Treatment Considerations for the Wealthy & Famous  By Derek Daley  Seeking treatment for mental health issues can be difficult for anyone, but for the wealthy and famous, there are often additional barriers that can make the process even more challenging. This goes for both individuals with personal fame, as well as their family. Often times […]