2020 Women’s Retreat. April 23rd-27th

This retreat is for women. 

A recent article published in The Washington Post suggests that American women middle-aged and older are increasingly more likely to return to ambitions and goals that may have been set aside years ago. In many cases, these women made the choice to raise and support their family, or lay aside their own goals to support a spouse in their career. Women in this demographic are also increasingly discovering and pursuing new ambitions and passions. These women may have waited years to fulfill their dreams—or have discovered new aspirations at this stage of life—yet now more than ever, they are taking steps to actualize and pursue these adventures (Rogers).

Our retreat is for these powerful women. Women who are ready for a different kind of growth opportunity. Women who are ready to journey into a new age of self-discovery and self-fulfillment.  If you or someone you know is looking for or craving something “more”, than this retreat may be just the thing to get it started.

Even when we have the intention to kickstart a new chapter in life, it can be challenging given the routine of our daily lives. Our routines, patterns— even our self-care and therapy —can become dull and leave us feeling stagnant. Sometimes a change of environment is just the thing we need. Over the years in my work with men and women of all ages, I have observed that nothing can get someone unstuck and inspired like nature. 

Kim, Maddy, Lily and I have witnessed firsthand the power of the great outdoors. We know and believe in the magic of community and support. Together we have seen more growth in 24 hours being under the stars in the desert, than hours of individual therapy or “coaching” sessions. We are confident in the transformational experience that is waiting for those women who have waited patiently to live their potential.

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Hope to see you on the mountain,


Rogers, Jenny. “Changing Channels.” Millions of women wait years to fulfill their dreams — or to figure out what their dreams are. Here are some of their stories, 9 June. 2019, https://www.washingtonpost.com/graphics/2019/lifestyle/women-over-50/. Accessed 8 Jan 2020.

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