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Legacy is a new program but we are not beginners in this business.  The four founders combine for over 50 years of experience in the field. The following testimonials are from clients and colleagues we have worked with over the years.  

“I have been extensively involved in wilderness therapy for well over two decades and have served as the Medical Director for a number of programs.   I have worked with the founders of Legacy Outdoor Adventures for much of that time, and have full confidence in their expertise in the field of wilderness therapy and their ability to operate a safe and effective program. “

Dr. Keith Hooker

Legacy was great for our son and surprisingly beneficial for us as parents too. The program’s combination of wilderness challenges and ‘on-campus’ work with licensed therapists was very effective. It was incredibly challenging, yet supportive at the same time. All of the staff were amazing. They took a young man who was unhappy, withdrawn, struggling with substances and lacking direction, and gave him the tools to face challenges in a healthy manner. Our son is re-engaged with his family, has a job that he likes and is developing new friendships not based on using substances. I can’t recommend Legacy highly enough.

Meg from New York

"The staff of LOA are professional, with a wealth of experience, competence, expertise, and heart. Student’s harmful behaviors are rooted out, healed, and replaced with self confidence and self actualization that will last a lifetime."

Beth, a mother from New Jersey


Gilbert Hallows is one of the most experienced wilderness professionals in the field.  He brings a depth of knowledge regarding outdoor behavioral health and has been a pioneer in shaping the industry.  He has been involved with national legislation, safety regulations, and program development.  In addition, Gil has integrity, vision, and an incredible spirit.  He has put a team of experienced professionals together to launch Legacy Outdoor Adventures.  This program will help young men launch into adulthood and restore families.  I’m often asked by clients:  “Would you send your family member there”?  The answer is absolutely with confidence!

Kelly Ryan, LMFT - GPS Family Consulting, LLC

My participation in wilderness as an adolescent was one that I have maintained extreme gratitude for and that has never quite left me or my family.  As a struggling and "lost" teen, the open environment of the wilderness allowed me to reflect on my life's choices and to learn many life essential lessons and skills that I am still applying in my life today.  The wilderness staff were caring and supportive at every step of the way.  Today, I continue to advocate for wilderness therapy for struggling adolescents and young adults.  With the tools and experiences of participating in this wilderness program my family and I went on to found a family and teen crisis intervention and transportation service.  It is always a pleasure to support a struggling adolescent to wilderness, because I know first hand of the opportunity and support that will be extended to them.  It is an even greater pleasure to know that the same team of professionals who helped both my brother and I are still serving families today.  From my personal and professional experiences of this program, I can personally express my confidence of Legacy Outdoor Adventures and their team and would, without hesitation, recommend them to any appropriate teen or young adult.  I would not be where I am today without the continued support of the Legacy Outdoor Adventures' team.

Clint Hardy - Owner of New Start Transports

"When my husband and I discovered that our son was in deeper trouble than we had any idea, it sent our entire family into crisis mode.  It was absolutely terrifying.  I felt like a failure as a parent, and as a human being.  How could this have happened to my family whom I love so much? This team of wonderful people entered my life at this moment of high drama.  What followed was an intense period of communication, learning and healing.  My family emerged stronger, wiser and more loving. I am eternally grateful for the acceptance, understanding and healing that the Legacy team gave to our son and our family."

A grateful parent -