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The founders and leadership team of Legacy Outdoor Adventures bring together accomplishments and experience across the full spectrum of wilderness therapy.  Members of the team, led by Gil Hallows, Executive Director, and including Troy Faddis, Clinical Director, Ray Barlow, Admissions Director, and Larry Bray, Program/ Operations Director, have had a profound impact in defining the field of wilderness therapy.  Team members have played major roles developing effective wilderness programming, establishing risk management and clinical best practices, refining substance abuse treatment in the wilderness, and setting the standard for training professional field instructors and wilderness therapists.

"I am not sure what would have happened if my son, my family, and I had not recieved the help that we needed."  - A grateful parent 

Executive Team:

Gil Hallows

Gil Hallows - Executive Director

Gil’s career in wilderness therapy brings together his passions for working with young people and connecting with the healing power of the outdoors.  He moved back to his hometown of Loa and the beloved mountains and deserts he wandered during his formative years to work for Aspen Achievement Academy in 1995. Aspen Achievement Academy, with Gil as the Executive Director since 1996, became the most influential wilderness therapy program in the country. Gil served on the committee appointed by the Utah State Office of Licensing in 1997 to review and update the licensure standards for Outdoor Youth Programs. In 2000, he assembled and led the team that conceptualized and founded Passages To Recovery, the pioneer in wilderness therapy substance abuse treatment for young adults. Gil heavily influenced the development of comprehensive best practices for managing risk in the outdoors for the Aspen Education Group outdoor programs.

He was a founding member of the Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare Industry Council (OBHIC) in 1996, and has served as its president and Research Committee Chair. He helped found the Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare Research Cooperative (OBHRC) and support it in becoming the leader in outcomes research.  Gil has been on the board of the National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs (NATSAP) from 2002 to 2011, and has served as Ethics Committee Chair and board liaison to the Research Committee.  Gil was recognized by NATSAP in 2009 as the recipient of the National Leadership Award.  

Gil and his wife Flora are the parents of five children and have six grandchildren. The Hallows family spends its free time outdoors in all seasons hiking, camping, skiing, exploring, bonding, and enjoying the calming beauty of nature.

Troy F.

Troy Faddis LMFT - Clinical Director

Troy has been working in  wilderness therapy since 2001. His clinical experience includes working with adults and adolescents with substance abuse and dual diagnosis. Troy also works with difficult family systems including impacted by divorce and easily frustrated and chronically inflexible children.  He excels in helping clients develop resiliency and self-efficacy skills, and working with clients who have gifted intelligence. 

Troy has worked many years as a field therapist and clinical director for wilderness programs. Troy started in wilderness therapy by taking parents camping to see their children and do family therapy. Troy began his studies at Brigham Young University where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in family sciences. He received his Masters of Science in Marriage and Family Therapy from Seattle Pacific University . Troy is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and an AAMFT supervisor. 

Troy has been a board member for The Utah Association for Marriage and Family Therapy from 2005 to 2011. Troy was raised in Seattle, WA and Utah. Troy spent much of his time growing up outdoors hiking and playing in the mountains of Utah and the Pacific Northwest. Troy is the oldest of seven siblings, three of whom are adopted. Troy is married and has five children.  His experience as a father gives him perspective when doing therapy with families. Troy was raised on Celtic music and likes to play the bagpipes.

Ray Barlow

Ray Barlow  - Chief Marketing and Admissions Officer

Ray’s passion for this work comes from his personal life-changing experiences in the wilderness and a strong belief in the power of mentoring. Through his own remarkable journey, he has gained the experience, insight and passion to help others find their vision for the future and make the successful transition to manhood. For Ray, this work is much more than a job; it is a life calling. Ray has over 20 years’ experience working in the wilderness and has helped countless people overcome the obstacles standing in the way of their success. Ray is a Licensed Substance Abuse Counselor and has personal experience with the heartache of addiction and the joy of recovery. Ray is a certified Wilderness First Responder and a certified Positive Control Systems instructor, and has had extensive training and experience in the area of wilderness risk management, Motivational Interviewing, 12 Step Recovery, the Gorski Relapse Prevention Model, the Stages of Change Model, Dialectical Behavior Therapy and wilderness survival. 

Ray has a wife and four children who love to spend time in wilderness with him fly-fishing, skiing, camping, hiking and exploring wild things and wild places. 

Derek Daley

Derek Daley SUDC - Marketing Director 

Derek has spent much of the last decade working with individuals to create sustainable life changes.  He began facilitating personal growth experiences as a head instructor with Red Cliff Assent in 2001. In 2004, as a senior field guide for Aspen Achievement Academy, he co-created an education resource manual designed to help guides understand and teach program curriculum.  Derek was a key member in the start up and program development of Open Sky Wilderness Therapy.  In 2006, he welcomed Open sky’s first student into the program and during the next 5 years served in such roles as Assistant Field Director, Guide Trainer and Field Manager. Derek played a key role in the medical and emergency response teams and is experienced in field based incident command, medical first response and medication administration.   During Derek’s time spent working in the wilds of the West, he has witnessed the influencing power of nature many times. Derek seeks to harness and share that innate power of nature. 

Derek’s philosophy is based on the belief that within each person lies undiscovered strengths and the capacity to live a balanced and rewarding life. He is passionate about his work and deeply committed to the people who are in need of help and are interested in the process of self-discovery.   Born and raised in Utah, Derek is now raising a family of his own.  His love and appreciation of family and community serve as the foundation of his work. 

Clinical Team:

Devon NantonDevon Nanton, SUDC - Counselor

Devon has spent the last fifteen years engaged in recovery work with young men, modeling a healthy recovery lifestyle and guiding them in finding their way back to themselves.  Devon worked many years at Passages To Recovery, serving in positions ranging from wilderness guide to residential director.  Most recently, Devon was the executive director at San Cristobal Treatment Center.  “I found that I missed direct contact working with young men in recovery utilizing the 12 steps in a wilderness setting, so I returned to Loa to join the Legacy team as a substance abuse counselor. “  Devon has extensive experience teaching and coaching a range of outdoor and recreational activities including soccer, track, and skiing.  Devon’s credentials include a license as a substance abuse counselor, First Aid and CPR instructor, Wilderness First Aid instructor, and Wilderness First Responder.   

Steve KernSteve Kern LCSW - Therapist

Steve has provided behavioral health services and therapy for over 20 years.  As Program Director of the children’s department at a community mental health center in Kansas, he developed and implemented therapeutic group programming for children and adolescents who experienced behavioral and emotional challenges. He instituted a highly structured treatment group for children in need of extra support,  developed adventure based programming using natural or environmental features, and founded a backcountry program to provide therapeutic outdoor experiences for children and adolescents with behavioral and emotional disturbances. Through these programs, Steve witnessed the power of nature in promoting the behavioral and emotional health of individuals. It became clear that a connection with the earth is an integral part of an individual’s wellbeing and ability to thrive. In search of an opportunity to further experience connections between the earth and individuals, Steve moved to Utah in 2006 and began work as a therapist for young adults receiving treatment in wilderness programs. Drawing on his work experiences in Kansas, Steve also implemented a highly structured wilderness intervention program for youth in a residential treatment center, and developed a program for the youth to experience adventure based activities in the Utah mountains, canyons, and waterways. In addition, he formulated and led a wellness program integrating physical fitness activities with mental and emotional health therapies. In 2015, Steve joined the Legacy clinical team where he enjoys working with a program that taps in to all the wilderness can offer in the way of healing and self actualization.  

Steve earned a Bachelor of Arts from Southwest Baptist University and a Masters of Social Work from the University of Kansas. His treatment modalities include Motivational Interviewing, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, and Experiential Therapy. For group therapy sessions, Steve often uses initiatives, games, and other activities that promote engagement and reflection. A longtime therapist, supervisor, and youth worker, Steve has broad experience helping young males grow and develop as responsible men with positive futures. 

Steve enjoys outdoor activities year round, and also enjoys sports as a competitor and fan. He likes bicycle riding, hiking, backpacking, rock climbing, ice climbing, and canyoneering. As a fan, Steve likes to see wins by the Kansas Jayhawks, Kansas City Chiefs, and the Kansas City Royals. 

David Clinical Therapist

David Wieder  ACMHC

David's journey to wilderness therapy began with his own struggles as a teenager. What brought him through that time in his life was his discovery of the outdoors, travel, and adventure sports. These passions led him to a Bachelor of Arts degree in Adventure Education from Prescott College. He began his career as a wilderness therapy guide in 2004, working for Second Nature, Wilderness Quest, Open Sky, and Aspiro before joining the Legacy clinical team. Extensive periods of time living in small groups in the backcountry inform his therapeutic emphasis on connection, the transformative nature of honesty, and experiences of overwhelming beauty. David believes that developing one's relationships is a life long practice that serves as the foundation for mental health. He knows that the context of each individual's culture and family system is central to their therapy work. David sees adventure, and not just the kind that happens in the outdoors, as an integral part of holistic wellness. He encourages clients to develop self-awareness and self-compassion, a prosocial orientation, and a thirst for personal growth. Witnessing breakthrough moments for individuals and groups is his favorite part of his job. 

David is from Santa Fe, New Mexico, and has lived in each of the Four Corners states. He received his Masters of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Adams State University in southern Colorado. David can often be found playing outside, usually on large rocks or in deep snow. He also enjoys getting lost in less developed regions of the world and has lived in Latin America and Asia.

Jeff Rush

Dr Jeffrey Rush, Ph.D. - Consulting Psychologist

Dr Rush conducts psychological evaluation and assessment utilizing standardized tests and clinical interviewing. Dr Rush consults with the clinical team and milieu.  Dr  Rush recieved his Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), Counseling Psychology/Health Psychology at Ball State University and hisMaster of Science (M.S.), Counseling Psychology/Marriage and Family Therapy from California Polytechnic State University-San Luis Obispo

Dr Rush ha s been conducting testing in residential treatment centers or wilderness programs with adolescents and young adults since 2002.  

bobbyBobby Smith - ACMHC 

Raised in the Midwest, I moved to the Pacific Northwest 8 years ago to finish undergraduate work in Outdoor Education and Ecology.  While among the coastal rainforests and mountains of the Cascades, I learned from others what it took to exist in the mountains along with the profound impact those wild places can have on healing and self-efficacy.  I continued to share mys passion for the mountains with a 12-Step based climbing club where I taught for two years on a glacier-climbing course and lead graduation climbs on Cascade volcanoes.  During these experiences, and through my personal recovery, I was impassioned with the courage, vitality, grace, and principled lives that people in recovery can possess. 
    After moving to UT in 2011, I have worked for multiple companies and guided on two continents.  I worked as a field guide, mentor, and recovery coach for adolescents and young adults at Second Nature Uintas, PureLife by Aspiro, Sherpa Group Inc., and Cornerstone Recovery.  Being a part of the process of growth and recovery these young people experience reinforce daily my passion and commitment to helping others develop meaningful lives, relationships, and experience.  I am currently in the final stages of a master’s degree in mental health counseling and working towards licensure in the state of UT. 
    When not working at Legacy, I spend most of my free time rock climbing, or thinking about climbing.  My favorite routes are long and moderate.  Much like life, they require some preparation and skill.  I can usually understand before beginning what it takes to make the first few moves and be safe, but after that I must commit, trust my experience, draw from courage and faith, and know I have what it takes to face the challenge…and hopefully experience some joy while doing it.  

Susan Kern

Susan Kern, CSW - Clinical Administrator

After living most of her life in southeast Kansas, Susan followed her dream to live in the mountain west region and moved to Utah in 2006. She first lived in Moab where she enjoyed an abundance of familiar and new outdoor activities.  After a year in Moab, she moved to Wayne County and continued seeking ways to explore.  While living in Wayne County, Susan worked at an adolescent treatment program as a field guide and parent coordinator.  This work sparked a desire to increase her knowledge and develop skills that would allow her to help individuals and parents facing challenges and difficulties related to substance use, social concerns, and mental health issues. She moved to Salt Lake City and completed her Masters in Social Work at the University of Utah.  In 2016, she returned to Wayne County and began work at Legacy where she assists the clinical team.  Susan is the mother of five grown children who live in four different states. She also has one granddaughter.  She looks forward to visits from her family and to spending time with them in the wilderness areas of Utah.      

Admissions Team:

Chris DavisChris Davis - Admissions Director

Chris Davis was raised in Loa, Utah were her family roots run deep. Her father taught her to appreciate nature by taking her and her sisters nearly every weekend to the surrounding mountains to camp, hike and gather wood.

Chris has worked at Legacy Outdoor Adventures since May of 2015 as Office Manager and now has joined the Admissions team. She has a pleasant, positive, and happy personality and forms a lasting relationship with each client. She loves her job and is very organized, thorough and creative in her work. Chris brings love and life to the office staff as well as the families and clients involved in the program.

Chris worked as Operation’s Director for Aspen Ranch for four years, Finance Director for two years and four years in the Finance Department for Aspen Achievement Academy. She has enjoyed working for different wilderness and residential programs for the span of ten years. She thoroughly enjoys observing the progress that each client makes during their time at Legacy.

Chris currently resides in Bicknell, Utah with her husband Shawn and their three kids. She enjoys spending her spare time with her family riding 4-wheelers, exploring the country, reading and watching baseball.

JP HarrisonJP Harrison - National Outreach Coordinator & Director of Alumni Services

Finding recovery at a young age, J.P. has found much of himself through his work with young people in the recovery community across the country. On the path of recovery from substances, an extreme weight-loss is also a part of his story. Being pre-diabetic at age 12, weighing 315 pounds at 16, he rolled his path to physical wellness into his mental and spiritual recovery from alcohol and drugs—losing a total of 115 pounds and earning 5 years sober to date.

Moving out west to California for outdoor pursuits, his love for climbing became a center point of his own recovery and sought a career combining his life’s passions. Studying with Earth-Based Institute in Boulder, CO, he became an internationally accredited life coach with emphasis on Nature Connection, and Transformational Wilderness Guiding.

As a career guide with Legacy Outdoor Adventures, he eventually took an opportunity to incorporate his steadfast enthusiasm for cooking whole foods, nutrition education, and mindfulness with role managing the diet, and Logistics for the program. He now enjoys life in Wayne County as a Weekend Warrior learning to catch fish and maintaining his connection to the climbing and guiding community.

Medical Team:

Jeff Chappell MD

Dr. Jeff Chappell MD. - Medical Director

Dr. Chappell grew up on the family farm not far from Loa at the base of Thousand Lake Mountain - a fourth generation Chappell to call Rabbit Valley his home.  He learned hard work and responsibility at a young age and leveraged those early life lessons into academic success graduating from Brigham Young University followed by medical school at the University of Utah. After completing a residency in family medicine, he returned to southern Utah where he’s practiced the full range of rural medicine for over 20 years.  He practices family medicine in Bicknell, Utah where he is the medical director of the Wayne Community Health Center. He is also on staff at Sevier Valley Hospital in Richfield, Utah where he works part time as an emergency room physician. In addition to his work at the clinic in Bicknell he also serves the community as medical director of the Wayne County Ambulance and is on the local school board.  He and his wife, Julia, have four children and enjoy recreating in the rugged mountains and red rock deserts near their home.  He enjoys music and regularly performs blue grass folk music solo and with his children - many of the songs his originals reflecting local history and culture. This rugged land is a part of who he is and he knows its power to change individuals for good. He has a passion for helping young people and is excited to be a part of Legacy Outdoor Adventures

Program and Field Team:

Mike HinkleMike Hinkle - Program Director

“Working out in the wilderness, with the people I get to be with, doing the things we do, and going the places we go has been amazingly good for my soul. I have grown exponentially because of the experiences I have been afforded and the people I have been able to meet working in wilderness therapy. My experience as a field guide and as a field director has shaped me in becoming a better man, brother, husband, and now father. The work, change, and transformation that take place out in the wilderness has been an amazing thing that I have been so lucky to be a part of.

Mike moved to Utah from Indiana 7 years ago to work a summer job as a field guide. The experience he had as a field guide was profound both professionally and personally as a young man in recovery. Mike decided to continue his work as field guide and since then the evolution of his professional career in substance abuse counseling has been an awesome journey. Mike has worked in both wilderness and residential settings. He has specialized in family workshop and loves to be able to help families come together and feel the hope that recovery offers to the family system. He is trained in the Gorski model of relapse prevention and as an interventionist and his own personal recovery is rooted in the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. He is currently attending Utah Valley University and is in the Substance Use Disorder Counselor Licensing program. Mike found a love of canyoneering a few years back and has been exploring technical canyons of southern and central Utah ever since. He is married with two children and loves all things outdoors and sports. Mike is also the Varsity High School Basketball Coach at Wayne High School.

Jack HutherJack Huther -  Field Director

I grew up in Michigan exploring the woods behind my house with my three older brothers.  I am sure this was the start of my desire to find healing in the wilderness began.  I attended Indiana University and studied English Education.  I worked for AmeriCorps in the Taos, NM school system.

I have been an outdoor educator for 10 years.  I worked at Aspen Achievement Academy for almost 5 years where I worked with at risk-youth in south central Utah.  I have currently worked at Legacy Outdoor Adventures for the past 4 years as a Mentor field guide. I enjoy teaching, educating, and mentoring young men to change their lives.  And there is no better way than to use wilderness adventure therapy.  While living in Utah, I have explored many canyons, rivers, mountains, and ancient ruins.  I am amazed at the vast beauty and wonderment that Utah has to offer.

My passions and interests include:  guitar, organic farming, canyoneering, bike touring, fishing, and exploring.  I just finished a 3200 mile bike trip last summer from Alaska to Washington.  Working out in the wilderness, with the people I get to be with, doing the things we do, and going the places we go has been amazingly good for my soul. I have grown exponentially because of the experience

AlasdairAlasdair Robertson -  Logistics Coordinator/Executive Chef

I have worked in the residential component of wilderness therapy and recovery, in Wayne County Utah, for the last 8 years. As a Scottish chef/restaurateur I bring a life’s wealth of food and business acumen to my position overseeing the victualing and outfitting of students prior to their adventures in the wilderness. (I am also persuaded to cook luncheon on Tuesdays, coordinate logistics, and when I am lucky help with student transports.) I am an alcoholic with 19 years sobriety thanks to the 12 step program of AA, the rooms of which I found in Oban on the west coast of Scotland. I am often asked, with considerable incredulity, why I would live and work in Utah rather than Scotland, and I must say that it is very much my colleagues and the job, being a part of the treatment team here at Legacy, that keeps me. In my free time I enjoy oil and watercolor painting, and also working with leather.

The fact that I might be, in some small way, any part of a young man’s triumph over their adversities gives me immeasurable joy.

BrettBrett Dodge -  Facilities Manager








Administrative Team:

Janette Hiskey Janette Hiskey  - Finance/HR Manager

Janette brings a wealth of experience in accounting, finance and human resources to Legacy.  She worked for Aspen Education Group from 1997 to 2011 as the finance manager for Aspen Achievement Academy.  Janette was also concurrently the finance manager for Aspen Ranch and Passages To Recovery for several years.
Janette handles all financial and human resources functions for Legacy.  “Being a part of the team at Legacy Outdoor Adventures is much more than making sure the financial end is taken care of; it is gratifying to see the change in the young men from the time they enter until the time they are ready to leave.”
Janette has a bachelor’s degree in accounting. She and her husband Joe have four children who are all married and 5 grandchildren. She enjoys spending as much time as possible time with them, and spending time in the beautiful outdoors that surround Loa. 

Janette HiskeyCorinne Jensen - Office

Corinne has spent her whole life in Wayne County. She was raised hiking, cattle driving, horseback riding, and exploring the mountains, and deserts of southwestern Utah. She has raised her three children with her husband Wesley in the same landscape that she grew to know and love as a child. Corinne worked 15 years for Aspen Achievement Academy, a wilderness therapy program, as ‘Back Up,’ Logistic and Emergency Support for the Field Staff and Clients of the program. She served as reserve officer to Wayne County Sheriffs Department for eight years. Going on two years she has held the position of Office Assistant, and Outcome Study Liaison at Legacy Outdoor Adventures.

Corinne’s strengths are recognizing and deescalating high risk situations, active listening, empathy, assertiveness, time management and emergency response. She has a natural respect and knowledge to the ways of the land and a thorough knowledge of survival in the surrounding wilderness.
Her passions in life include serving her community, actively seeking health and wellness for those around her whom need care and support, and love and nurture her children and grandchildren. Corinne spends her spare time in the same landscape that she grew to love as a child and mother, which now serves as the healing grounds for Legacy Outdoor Adventures.