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Adventure Modules
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Adventure Therapy

Legacy draws from the field of adventure therapy to complement the healing power of wilderness therapy.  Traditional wilderness therapy is characterized by immersion in the wilds with competent, caring guides, programmed unavoidable successes, and deliberate time for contemplation. Integrating adventure therapy into this setting facilitates the process of engaging clients in investing in their own treatment, and helps them learn to have fun in healthy ways. 

Legacy utilizes the vast expanses of public lands surrounding the program’s base of operations in Loa. This magnificent and diverse array of slick-rock canyons, colorful high desert, awe-inspiring mountains, forested plateaus, and pristine lakes and streams offers boundless settings for meaningful adventures. Legacy clients have the opportunity to participate in adventure activities in this remarkable Utah landscape that attracts adventure-seekers from all over the world.

The wilderness routinely presents seemingly insurmountable challenges.  The power of the lessons learned in overcoming these challenges is a fundamental component of our approach to treatment.  We deliberately steer our clients toward these tests, support and empower them in the achievement of success, then carefully process the experience in order to maximize the growth experience.  The result of successive cycles of facing, overcoming, and moving beyond significant obstacles is nothing short of life changing in terms of a person’s self-image and identity.

Course Area

The small community of Loa, which serves as the base of operations for Legacy Outdoor Adventures, is surrounded by vast expanses of uninhabited public lands that range from beautiful red-rock wilderness through high plateaus and forested mountains. This land is the ideal setting for young men to embrace their transition to adulthood, to capture a vision of the man they want to be, and to discover and develop their strengths and gifts. This land has a calming, healing effect on people who spend time in it.  It prompts quiet introspection and unhurried contemplation. It invites those seeking answers to explore its rugged beauty, and to find personal growth and a sense of direction in that journey.

Each week, Legacy groups plan and carry out a different adventure module that culminates in a peak experience. This variety of adventures quickly draws new clients into active participation in the program, and inclines them toward action and ownership in developing their Individual Success Plans (ISP). Each client’s ISP is specifically tied into that week’s adventure module. Each week’s adventure module is the central activity into which other program components fit. Individual treatment planning and personal growth objectives are woven into and complemented by the adventure modules. The Legacy Treatment Team debriefs each adventure with each individual client to assess progress toward treatment and personal growth goals.

Legacy’s adventure modules are solidly based on the concepts of “Safe, Fun, and Meaningful”.  We engage our clients in activities that encourage individual participation, build group cohesion, develop self-confidence and self-efficacy, and provide meaningful challenge and a sense of accomplishment. Treatment goals are deliberately addressed through impactful adventure activities.  Adventures last 5 days followed by 2 days to stand down, engage in therapy sessions, and re-outfit for the next adventure. Some of our most common adventures include:  

Technical Canyoneering:

Canyoneering is the activity of descending technical canyons by hiking and rappelling down obstacles.  People travel from around the world to go canyoneering in Legacy’s course area.  We have the equipment and expertise to guide our client teams down through some of the most spectacular canyons in the world; right here in our own backyard!  Some of our favorites include Chimney Canyon, Eardley Canyon, Little Iron Wash, Baptist Draw and Upper Chute Canyon, and our “secret” gem, Pete’s Dragon, which we scouted and pioneered ourselves. 

Adventure Backpacking:  

Legacy operates in some of the most spectacular mountain and desert terrain in the world.  We hike across 11,000 foot plateaus and through deep canyon gorges.  The beauty and solitude of the Sweetwater Canyon defies description.  The grandeur of the Chute of Muddy Creek leaves a powerful impression on anyone who has ever visited.  The areas where we hike and camp are the areas you see on postcards and panoramic photos of the desert southwest.

Mountain Summits: 

TWe have several mountain summits within our course area that serve as solid objectives for an adventurous group of young men to conquer.   Mt Hilgard (11,533 ft), Mt Ellen (11,522 ft), and Mt Terrill (11,547 ft) are some of our regular targets.  These summit adventures involve a one or two day approach hike followed by the actual summit attempt day.  The exhilaration and sense of accomplishment a young man feels standing “on top of the world” is difficult to describe.  Sharing the experience with a team of brothers makes it even more powerful.    

Backpack Fishing Trips:  

Boulder Mountain has over a hundred fishable lakes, most of which are accessible only by foot.  Our fishing adventures are relaxing and gratifying.  Hike, fish, camp, repeat.     

Wildlife Adventures: 

We plan specific adventures around wildlife observation during peak seasons.  We observe and photograph wild horses in the Link Flats area of the San Rafael Swell.  We hike into the Fishlake Mountains to call and observe rocky mountain elk during the rut in September.  We watch desert bighorn sheep jousting and head-butting during their rut in November.  There is a large free ranging herd of American bison in the Henry Mountains that we locate and observe.         

Mountain Biking:

Central and southern Utah has some of the best mountain biking routes in the world.  People travel from afar to enjoy what we have at our doorstep.  We ride in the San Rafael Swell, the Henry Mountain desert, and on top of Boulder Mountain.  Riding bikes is fun but we make sure we include the meaningful part too.