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To talk to an admissions counselor call Toll Free (866) 436-4458, Office (435) 836-2272.

Sometimes the first step to success is the  ability to envision a better future.


Legacy Outdoor Adventures specializes in helping young men ages 18-35 make the successful transition to responsible adulthood.  Through our program, the Legacy team will work with your loved one to better understand the unique issues that are limiting his progression in life. Whether his challenges are related to substance abuse, addiction, fear of failure, social anxiety, lack of motivation, emotional/behavioral problems, or a combination of these and other issues the legacy experience will help him to overcome life’s obstacles and embrace manhood with a higher level of self-confidence and direction.  

"My very first time I felt real self-esteem was when I worked with those individuals who are now starting Legacy.   I hope to return as a staff member and share the help that was provided for me."  Dave - A student from CA

Legacy’s philosophical approach to treatment is based on change by invitation, guidance and latitude in making responsible choices, and leading and influencing rather than forcing.  Therefore, applicants must express at least a minimal degree of willingness to enroll in Legacy and begin working the program. 

Legacy is located in Loa, Utah, 200 miles south of Salt Lake City, which is the closest airport. Families will be responsible to get the client to the Salt Lake City airport. An option for families who live closer to Utah is to drive the client to Loa. 

The average length of stay is between seven to ten weeks. We recommended that every client have psychological  testing.  If there has been any previous testing, please email it to as part of the application process. 

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To talk with an admissions counselor call:

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